May 29 ,2021


Young audience
Admission : 8$ (All)
3 p.m.

Additional information: Postponement of the show which was initially on Saturday February 6, 2021.

Text: Alain Lessard / Direction: Sophie Clermont / Visual design: Joël Proulx Bouffard
With : Jérôme Roy, Stéphanie Lessard, Yannick Coderre.

Inconsolable, she has been crying since she was born. So much so that her tears threaten to drown the entire village of Saint-Parlabas. Only a mysterious music box can console her. Could it contain her destiny? Fortunately, Océanne can count on a friend who will help her understand the magic that is hidden inside her. In addition to the importance of believing that there is something extraordinary in each of us, the story touches on several other themes such as friendship, the beauty of difference, mutual aid and the courage to go to the end of one's self. Let yourself be transported in this funny and touching story that will delight young and old alike. Because every drop of water contains hope...

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