FME Festival de musique émergente

September 3 to 5, 2020


The 18th edition of the FME will be held from September 3 to 5, 2020

Programme 2020

Every year, dozens of artists drive up the 117 North along with over 100 Canadian and international music industry professionals and thousands of festivalgoers. And every year, the Festival aims higher—this year is no exception! If you enjoy hip-hop, country, rock, folk, electro, metal or world music, try the FME experience. Prepare yourself to live an extraordinary event packed with must-hear concerts and must-see street arts, in an urban scenographic setting that continues to surprise us.

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Reminders from the FME:

Several things to think about in this special COVID year:

▪️ You need a ticket to come to the shows!
▪️ Bring your mask, it's mandatory!
▪️ This is not a normal edition, you have to follow all the instructions to make sure it goes well!
▪️ Read your emails carefully, it's possible that you've been sent important information!

Photo : Louis Jalbert (déco), Christian Leduc (Philippe Brach), Dominic McGraw (blackand white, Koriass/Fouki 

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