Frida Khalo - Correspondance

April 14 ,2020


Tuesday, April 14, 8 p.m.
Admission: $ 30 (all)
On sale since November 29

Letters, messages, confessions, poems, diary ... Frida Kahlo wrote herself as she painted herself. During a fiesta-like reading - with the Mariachi Figueroa - Sophie Faucher invites us to delve into the literary and musical world of this woman of genius. His writings, unlike his paintings, were not intended for the general public. Frida Kahlo - Correspondance is an intimate look retracing the existence of painter Frida, committed Frida, sick Frida, Frida in love with men but also words ... with the pain that this love implies.
With Sophie Faucher and the Mariachi Figueroa

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