March 4 ,2020


Wednesday, March 4, 8 p.m.
Admission: $ 36 (adult) - $ 30 (+65) - $ 24 (student)
On sale: Thursday, January 16, 9 a.m.

Delving deeply into the restless hopes of youth, Fanny Britt signs a dramatic comedy, freely inspired by Brontë's work. A reflection on youth and maturity, the piece is also a tribute to this generation Y who fascinates Britt and whose frontal and assumed side she admires. Hurlevents takes place today, in the heart of the city, 170 years after the publication of Brontë's novel. The play features young people who are full of their secret and devouring ambitions and passions but who are also indignant and concerned about the serious questions of ethics and power dynamics. As the evening progresses, as the young idealists drown in their thirst for the absolute, the echoes of the characters in Emily Brontë's novel Les Hauts de Hurlevent become more and more insistent. Until entering them.
Text by Fanny Britt - Directed by Claude Poissant. With Alex Bergeron, Rose-Anne Déry, Kim Despatis, Benoît Drouin-Germain, Alice Pascual and Catherine Trudeau

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