Metropolitant Opera / Carmen

February 23 ,2020


6:30 p.m.


Seville, Spain. Arrested after a scuffle, Carmen, a fiery gypsy, seduces the corporal Don José, Micaëla's fiancé, and promises her love if he lets her escape. Don José releases Carmen, and is jailed in turn for allowing her to flee. He finds her two months later among a band of smugglers. To win her love, José has become a deserter and, obsessed by his passion, he followers her, devoured by his jealousy. Carmen finally rejects Don José and Micaëla convinces him to return home, to the bedside of his dying mother. Carmen and Don José meet for the last time in the arena of Seville. While she waits for her new lover, the toreador Escamillo, José confronts Carmen, hoping to convince her to come away with him. Desperate, Don José begs and threatens her, but she refuses to give in. He stabs her to death, before confessing his crime to the crowd.

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