Qw4rtz - en rappel

November 16 ,2019


Saturday, November 16, 8 pm
Admission: $ 33 (adult) - $ 27 (student and +65 years old)
On sale: Thursday, September 5, 9 am

QW4RTZ is back for our greatest pleasure! Always true to his winning recipe: four guys, four microphones and nothing else. Hundreds of performances of QW4RTZ's latest variety show, dubbed "high-flying without a net" and "a cappella with steroids," appealed to the Canadian public from west to east ... In this show, QW4RTZ goes where the man's voice has never vibrated. Everything hangs by a thread; Serge Postigo directs with the firm intention to prove that 4 guys on stage can take more space than a troupe of dancers and 100 musicians.

Tickets available here 

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