Philippe-Audrey Larrue St-Jacques

October 4 ,2019


Friday, October 4, 8 pm
Admission: $ 31 (adult) - $ 25 (student and +65 years old)
On sale: Wednesday, June 19th, 9 am


"DECEPTION, NF: Disappointed; painful feeling caused by disappointment, frustration; who does not respond to what was expected. That's pretty much my area of ​​excellence! A product of an elitist old family,university professors parents, and an environment where the words "patcher mon char su’l quart de mile" have never been said, I received a private education and studied the greatest writers at the Conservatoire to play in the greatest theaters. And today, I'm having fun ... Maybe that's why I was always told: "You're like a whale-watching cruise in Tadoussac! Whatever our expectations, you always find a way to disappoint! In short, I humbly admit to having a genius for disappointment! With luck, perhaps you will escape my genius.

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