Raid Aventure Joannès 2018

September 2 ,2018

Parc Aventure Joannès
10 068, Chemin de l'Aventure
McWatters, Québec


Since three years, Parc-Aventure Joannès take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend to organize a spectacular obstacle race. The 5 km course will include more than 30 obstacles of all types in a unique setting featuring the splendid lake Joannès and breathtaking trails winding through the boreal forest. The Raid Aventure Joannès event is THE opportunity to surpass yourself, to push back your limits and accomplish an achievement you will be proud of.

The proceeds from this event will enable AFAT to carry out its forest education mission with schools at regional level. 

Photo Raid aventure Joannès: ©William Nourry