Deux hommes tout nus

September 25 ,2018

Théâtre du cuivre
145, rue Taschereau Ouest
Rouyn-Noranda, Québec


Alain Kramer, rich lawyer of Paris, wakes up nude in its lounge together with one of his partners, Nicolas Prioux. The incomprehension is total, and none of the two men cannot explain how they were able to find themselves in this situation. While they try desperately to find an answer to their question, Catherine, the woman of Alain, surprises them. Let us discover in this hilarious play, where quiproquos and ridiculous are linked, how both men will take out of this delicate situation.

A play written by Sébastien Thiery, directed by Étienne Jacques. With Pascal Binette, Luc Drolet, Maude Letendre and Catherine Chabot.